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Oct 29, 2012

1/100 MG Gundam Age-1 Titus

1/100 MG Gundam Age-1 Titus Review

What's Included:
14X Runners (If you count polycaps)
2X Small Sticker Sheets
1X Medium Decal Sheet
1X Medium Marking Sheet
1X Manual 

The Hulk of Age is what I call it.


Well the detail on a MG is always going to be great. However in this case it isn't as great. The design is too simple and just plain in my opinion. It needs more panel lines. By that I mean like the designs and etc. I haven't panel lined yet but if I did you would know what I mean. It is very bulky none the less. First MG to be designed like this if you ask me unless there is another Hulk Gundam out there. lol


The proportion is fine. However I just think the overall design around the legs and shoulders could improve and use some touch up. Great either way.


The articulation is great. However I am not trying to be picky but the feet could have included a separation gimmick which most Zakus have. This way the feet can pose better but instead its flat and thick.


This technically doesn't come with any weapons. Just a bunch of beam saber effects. Not that its a bad thing. I at first never liked this about it but once I got one I changed views. It doesn't really require or need extra power it is strong by its own meaning. I don't see it looking good with a rifle or a beam saber in its hand. It'll look awkward because of its size and design. I like called it Hulk or Football Gundam. lol Just my view


It comes with 2 straight fingers 2 open fingers and 2 closed fists. The hand options could have improved so this is a down side in my opinion. I don't quite like it. However you can't go wrong with the straight fingers. If all else fails just make it pose Zig ZEON! lol


Just like the HG models are interchangeable and kitbash friendly. The MG models are the same. So you can have a Age-1 DarkHound to a Age-2 Spallow. The possibilities are endless if your creative.


If your a fan of Age models great you won't be disappointed. However in the end of the day my final say is for the same price you can find something better to get and build. I like models that come with a lot of equipment you know? Makes it better for pose possibilities and etc. That's just me though. Which Age do I recommend? Age-2 of course however if your focused on Age-1 try the Spallow. The Titus and Normal are cool but the Spallow is a Ninja type alright? How many Ninja Gundams do you see usually? Exactly.