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May 24, 2013

DIY area - RX-93 Nu Gundam & MSN-04 Sazabi Battle

This battle happened when Sazabi want to fight with Gouf. Gouf knew it did not have enough power to beat the strong man Sazabi. With this reason, it requested his friend RX-93 to give a hand on this battle. So what would be the final result? You can find out the answer from this video.

Thx our fans, Kenny. He has made this video in his house. He used up all his leisure time to make this wonderful video. You can find it interesting and funny while watching it.

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Enjoy the show

May 21, 2013

1/100 MG MSN-06S Sinanju OVA Review


Hey guys its time for another round of Sinanju!

Since the release of the latest Gundam Unicorn Episode 6, Bandai has been going on a Unicorn craze. We saw the release of Stein before the Sinanju OVA and we have also seen new HG additions from the Unicorn series. This isn't about HGs however, it is about the new Sinanjus. 

Which one is better?

                                           Two eyes                     OR                  Mono eye 
                                           Thrusters                   OR               Side Thrusters

There is much to say about the Stein. Looking at its design and theme you can tell it is drastically different than the Sinanju we have come to know. It isn't just vastly different in looks but it also has a different theme behind it. A prototype design can only be taken so far once a model is released following the designs. The MG Sinanju Stein Ver Ka takes the best features and mechanics Bandai has to offer to make it a great model. However the prototype design really makes the Stein look plain and like something is missing. For the price you are basically getting an incomplete design. This is where the advantage is. With the design you have the advantage of completing the design and turning it into whatever you feel. It could be a Gundam or a different form of Sinanju for example. Either way the choice is yours. Which is why I think in this case the Stein is for advanced modelers. So going back to which is better this is where the answer comes in. Looking at the price and the end result you can get something much better for the same price or lower. The Stein may look cool but prototype designs lack complete detail and have alot of room for work. This is why if your looking for a Sinanju than the red Sinanju we have come to know is the right choice. The designs are complete and have a smooth, sleek, elegant look to it. It isn't something you normally see in mobile suit designs because they are always thought to be mechanical and built for power. The Sinanju has all of that and more.

With that being said you don't have to wonder if the MG Sinanju OVA is detailed enough or worthy. You could be conflicted because you already have a Sinanju Ver Ka which is understandable. The articulation, detail, proportions are all going to be the same. With the new PS frame the articulation might be more flexible and have a slightly better range but not dramatic change. The OVA introduces improvements to the issues the Ver Ka had. If you have a Sinanju Ver Ka and want to fix it then the best route would be to either get a Stein because it comes with additional parts to fix Sinanju Ver Ka but also to have a different Sinanju. That or you could try replacement parts. If you don't have a Sinanju Ver Ka then definitely hop on board and get an OVA. There can be an endless amount of reasons why the Sinanju is such a great MG and why you should get one. 

One reason can be the accessories and weapons. I see the options as an endless amount honestly. Here is why.
Beam Sabers
Beam Axe
Rifle Grenade
Rifle Bazooka
Shield Grenade
Shield Bazooka
Shield Beam (Short/Long)
Axe Storage (Shield)
Long/Short Axe
Beam Naginata (Axe Combined)
Wrist Beam Saber
Held Beam Saber
Now with all of that it is impossible to really display everything in use. The variations and amount of poses you can create are endless. Me being addicted to dynamic poses makes me love the Sinanju even more for never getting old with a pose. It really should explain alot about how good the Sinanju is. Looking at the standard MGs you usually see just a shield, rife, and beam sabers. You get much more from Sinanju however. 

Let's recap everything however. The detail of the Sinanju is an overall excellent achievement. The trim really just isn't something you usually see and you have two options in going about it. Either you pick stickers as the easy route or apply water slides. If you want a challenge you could paint the gold on the trim too but that could be tricky. The proportions are top notch and equal or balanced per say. The articulation is also satisfactory. The arms have a 180 degree and a 360 degree in rotation. The shoulders give range and room for flexible movement. The thrusters have a nice gimmick where if you open it the inner thrusters slide up and when you close it they slide back in. Nice gimmick and I don't know how it works but it works. The legs have a 150 degree per say and 360 rotation. I could see the legs going 180 if the back skirts weren't so big. The feet are strong and have the same gimmick as the Stein. The mid section can bend up and down and the front (toe) can do the same. Same thing as the Stein which is nice because it gives excellent option and variety to the scenarios you want it in. If that isn't enough the weapons are another plus. The PS frame and bazooka are the only real differences between the Ka and OVA.

Blah Blah Blah.... point being the Sinanju isn't something you have to look at videos or written reviews to understand how amazing of a model it is. It is one of Bandai's best selling MGs by far. The Ver Ka was to say the least. Now move over Ver Ka because the OVA will take the #1 spot.