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Apr 21, 2012


Hello fellow Gunpla fans! My name is known as FlashX007. I am the new partner of GKGundamKits! I just wanted to say hello to the fellow fans and followers of a great store such as GK. I would like to post a little about me for you guys to know and how I got partnered. To begin I have been reviewing for 5 years now. In the past I was all about electronics. However ever since I was a kid I was a big fan of Gundam. So these past few months I have been rewatching some of their anime shows and the new anime Age series. I grew more and more on wanting to start collecting model kits of my own. As such I went to YouTube to see some videos. There I saw uploaders such as Prime92, 00gundamreviewsv2, and stryderprime. I watched all of their videos or at least almost and I loved their collections and the fact that you could  customize these so professionally. As such I took it upon myself to use my skills in order to obtain a partner and to start my collection. Now I am before you guys ready to begin my partnership with GK and bring you reviews on the latest kits out and why you should buy them.

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I will soon make a blog of my own which will include indepth professional pictures of models and reviews. Of course I will upload videos and customs of my own. I am truly happy I have been given the chance to start this long and wanted hobby of mine with the help of GKGundamKits and iShop2Go.

Be ready to look out for my upcoming review:
Gundam AGE-2 Double Bullet