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Sep 21, 2012

1/100 MG Gundam Age-2 Normal Stryder Mode Review (Full HD)

Finally I get to discuss my thoughts on this amazing release. Definitely if you want a transforming model feature the Age-2 will leave you satisfied and more.

Sep 16, 2012

1/100 MG Gundam Age-2 Normal

1/100 MG Gundam Age-2 Normal Review

Whats Included:
17X Runners(if you count polycaps)
2X Small Sticker Sheets
1X Medium Decal Sheet
1X Medium Marking Sticker Sheet

So far the AGE line has variety of models to choose from. The HG models are already a satisfaction and can't go wrong in buying those. The MG models are even better. However the MG models only have 4 to choose from for now. Those are the MG Age-1 Normal, Titus, or Spallow. Also the newly released MG Age-2 Normal. I would like to give my thoughts on the releases before I move forward with the review. So far Bandai has released all the Age-1 forms. However there are others people might want like the Age-1 Flat or another particular form as well. However due to the fact that Bandai has released the MG Age-2 Normal I am now predicting and believe that they are out to release only the major official mobile suits. Those would be the MG Age-2 Special Ops (Bandai Online Exclusive), MG Age-2 Dark Hound, MG Age-2 Double Bullet, MG Age-3 Normal, MG Age-3 Fortress, MG Age-3 Orbital, MG Legilis, MG FX. I believe and predict they will be releasing these. I hope the continue with the line because the features and overall amount of satisfaction you can get with the MG models out currently are amazing. I just figured I would point out my prediction. I hope I am wrong but if I am right there are things we can look forward to. Like the design features of the Age-3 in MG. The Legilis' amazing designs as well and the hidden features, along with the FX's bits/funnels. I would certainly be satisfied with these releases. It is my hope they continue the models in MG releases however it is highly that we will not be getting anything besides the majors. However for HG's its not out of the question. The HG's themselves offer amazing aspects as well to look forward to so if its not MG it will be HG. Either way that's good enough for me. Now to move forward with the review :)


Not much to say for detail. It's great. Not even panel lined. Or decaled. Or stickered up. Love the Age-2 over the MG Age-1's out so far ^_^


Ok so for the proportion something bugs me. The waist/mid section. It's just too awkward. The design going down inwards then expanding outwards dramatically once it hits the skirts. <_<


Ok so not going to say much the pictures say it all. The articulation is awesome. Double jointed arms and legs! Plus a lot of articulate features. Like the elbow plates, knee plates, wings, etc. Very articulate model indeed. It transforms into MS/Stryder mode so its quite expected.


Ok so as far as weapon goes. It has one rifle, one shield, and 2 double tipped beam sabers. One long and one short. Nice offense and defense feature. However like the Age-1 Normal there is no denying no matter how good it is this model still has a plain/vanilla feel to it. 


Ok so basically I haven't used its markings or decals yet. As you can see those 2 sticker sheets were for the sensors and face and the silver ones to make the clear pieces have a back shine to them. Now for the fingers and figures. All interchangeable and interactive to all of the MG models. You can have Spallow's ninja fingers on the MG Age-2 Normal. Or vice versa. Pretty cool spec if you buy all 4 of the latest MG Age models. The figures can also work with the MG Age-1's. The part where you open the cockpit hatch and can place a figure. So Asemu can sit on there as well. Up to you really. Preferably not my preference or liking. Nice feature none the less though. 


Step 1: Pull out the shoulder joints from the chest.

Step 2: Push the shoulder plate up

Step 3: Move the wings 90 degrees up

Step 4: Push and move the shoulder down to review the inner frame shoulder. This is articulate to move so no worries just needs a few seconds or minutes to adjust and figure out.

Step 5: Turn the arm so the double joints point facing front and the armor plates and elbow facing back.

Step 6: Push the head down until its down to the head touching the chest.

So far

Step 7: Turn the side skirts completely. It's on 2 joints so for one it can turn completely but you can also move the skirt completely 360 to turn the other way. If you do it wrong the wings won't drop down correctly.

Step 8: Push the feet 90 degrees.

Step 9: Pull the legs back in like a 90 degree then 45 degree pull. Kind of hard to explain in pictures or words. 

Step 10: Pull the inner piece 180 so the other side is pointing out instead.

Step 11: Push up the mid skirt section up and pull out the leg sockets up to make it spread out more. It looks exactly like the HG except it doesn't require swapping parts out.

Step 12: Grab the stryder mode hands and put them on those pieces you pulled out earlier.

Step 14: The rifle. Pretty simple.

Hope that helps give an idea of how to do it ^_^

Final Thoughts

Ok so just like how the Age-1 is interchangeable the Age-2 is as well. Meet Age-2 Spallow xD lol
Personally I love the model. It's absolutely gorgeous. Age fan or not this is one of the perfect MG's I ever built and had the chance to have. It beats the Unicorn in transformation. Just a few problems here and there but its features outshine the features that were attempted to be offered in the transformable MG Unicorns. Do I recommend it? Yes again and again I would. What's more lovely is this is the 1st. Now I am looking forward to DarkHound and Double Bullet!

Let's Build!


Reviewed By: FlashX007