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Jun 12, 2012

Making Gunpla - What need to prepare before

Hey Everyone! It’s me Runner! Today we are going to talk about the basics of gunpla model building. How to get started and what you will need to start you on your way to being a pro class model builder.


First you need to decide what gundam you would like to build. I personally like the Gundam Unicorn. Next you need to decide what model kit you want, there are several sizes and grades consider. To do this you can look at reviews on YouTube videos, blogs, written reviews, or in hobby magazines.


Once you know the kit you want go to GK Gundam kits and type the name of the kit into our search bar and then add that kit to the cart, checkout, and the kit will be sent to you in no time!


To build your kit you will need a pair of metal clippers or cutters, a hobby knife, a hobby file, and some fine grain sand paper. Gundam kits are completely snap together kits, and do not require rubber cement or glue. The instructions included with all kits will show you exactly what you need to do.


It’s important to find the right workspace. Find a large flat surface to build your kit, like a desk or table. Then clear your work space of all unnecessary items. Then lay down a cutting board so you do not damage the surface you’re working on. Find a box for your tools and keep them there so you do not misplace them. Always make sure the area is well lit so you can work on the fine details like cleaning and decals. Also make sure your area is well ventilated, ESPECIALLY if you’re doing any painting.

Finally remember that you are supposed to be having fun, if you’re tired take a break. Model building is a really fun hobby and you don’t want to wear yourself out.

Enjoy everyone, and I’ll see you next time!

GK Gunpla Weekly / Monthly Poll

Well I am glad to announce that GK has released a special interactive Facebook poll weekly/monthly where you have a chance to get an extra 5%-10% discount.

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Gunpla of the Week/Month Announcement

Hello gunpla fans and followers. We are proud to announce a new interactive feature we had made especially for you. 

Gunpla of the Week/Month

Each week we make a poll with 4 selections. You comment on our facebook page with the choice and we announce the winners towards the end of the week. Now its simple enough right? Well we thought we would also include a special discount for the people who chose correctly. For Weekly we offer 5% discount. For Month we offer 10% discount. Now this should be excited because normal we offer discounts already on latest model kits and more. Enjoy and also follow up on our facebook page to learn more!

Discounts don't go towards promotions or shipping
Don't abuse the feature (people tend to find ways to abuse offerings like this by making fake accounts and such)
Have fun. 
Simple rules. Simple ways of earning discounts. I can tell you for a fact GKGundamKit is the only website that offers a vast selection of gunpla for such incredible prices compared to normal retailers and more.