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Nov 21, 2011

GBWC Malaysia 2011 Full coverage

Alright, here we have the full coverage of GBWC 2011 Malaysia on start on 18th November 2011 to 22nd November 2011. Well, as what I heard from the organizer said there were about 80 participants joining in. Although it seems not everyone coming in but there are lot of awesome artwork coming from the participants. As this is a GBWC competition, we can see the competition was quite fierce as lot of the "monsters" (as what we seen from the ZD's champion list) are coming with their masterpiece. You can check on the list from ZD about the selected winners. 

And as usual, sales for gunpla here was quite crazy with RM 83 for RG Aile Strike and a lot of more. If you looking for fair price in Malaysia, you may now try Litt Tak shop in Sungei Wang or you don't miss any event from them. Lets check out the pictures.: