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Aug 22, 2012

1/100 MG Unicorn Gundam HD Color + MS Cage

1/100 MG Unicorn Gundam HD Color + MS Cage Review

What's Included:
27X Runners (If you count beam sabers and polycaps)
1X Small Sticker Sheet
1X Large Sticker Sheet
1X Large Decal Sheet
1X Manual

Ok before I begin the review I would like to say this is the first special Gunpla model I have obtained. It's not a normal model you would get. It comes bundled with an extra MS Cage and etc. It's a very good release if you ask me because it has so many opportunities when it comes to using it with other models or making a diorama to represent the Unicorn from episode 1 and more. The thoughts are limitless and very very exciting. So I can tell you for a fact I favor and enjoy this bundle. Now without further ado the review. 


I can definitely tell you this MG Unicorn is remarkable. The HD Color is basically gloss injection and higher quality color per say. However you shouldn't really focus on that. The detail is the main factor and I must say it is truly remarkable. This model can transform into Destroy mode or revert back to it's Normal mode. Both have the same detail and quality so it doesn't lose the looks. It is a special edition MG so put in short the detail is amazing. It is my first Unicorn and I believe I picked a good one to start out with. 


The proportions are as fine and as remarkable as the detail. Nothing much to say except the MG Unicorn in the category of detail and proportion is 10/10. 


This is where it gets complicated. The Unicorn has been released in MG 4 times. 6 If you count the Banshee. However in all 4 releases the transformation into Unicorn mode or Destroy mode has problems. There was the OVA first, then the Ver Ka, then either the MG HD + Cage came out or the Full Armor. That makes 4. Then we have the OVA and Ver Ka Banshee. The Ver Ka of that is basically a black version of the Unicorn. The OVA has the Banshee features like the claw. However that isn't the point. The point is the transformation is far from perfect and it can be good for others while bad for others so I can't really tell you anything. All I can say is that I recommend when purchasing either 6 MG's you consider what you want it in. Unicorn/Banshee or Destory modes? If Destroy while snapping it, snap it in Destroy mode already rather than snapping it in Unicorn/Banshee, and then turn it into the Destroy mode. If you decide to follow the instructions and hope later on when you decide to transform it that you won't encounter problems then your going to get stressed out. 

Don't let that stop you though. No MG or HG really has the transformation on the dot. It is a model kit not a figure or a toy. To be honest it's amazing the transformation feature the MG has to offer but of course it needs to improve on the flaws that all 4 versions fail to improve on. Maybe they have maybe they haven't. I don't have room to say much since I only have one but in all honesty I am not a fan of it. 

So when you get one plan out what you want to use it as. The knees have problems transforming. The chest and the back, along with the backpack all have some minor difficulty which needs to be done with a toothpick or support to really get it to transform. 


The articulation is great I give the Unicorn that. It's the first MG I have received with even joint hands so the fingers can move and grip. It's awesome. However the basics are the basics. It's not relatively more articulation than a HG. Sure some features here and there but it only has nice features to show off its looks. In my opinion the articulation is great but the joints have flaws and get loose from time to time and there are other problems like that as well. So it's great and the Unicorn is by far one of the more elegant beautiful designs we have seen in the entire Gundam series' by far at least in my opinion. So even if it has horrible features here and there almost everybody is going to buy either a HG or a MG version. My basic point is that the articulation somewhat falls into the transformation category. It needs work and improvement... However just looking at it's gloss injection and clear beauty I can't help but ignore its flaws. XD


The weapons are awesome. The fact that the shield can transform excites me. Let's count off the weapons. We have a rifle, bazooka, shield, and 2 beam sabers. Then we get 3 5 ammo packs. One attached to the rifle and 2 extra 5 round ammo packs which can be put on the back skirt. Also one extra ammo round. Also a bazooka pack. I think it's just missile pods but it's for the bazooka. Any how all 3 weapons can transform more or less. The shield into destroy shield (lol). The rifle to extend and add ammo packs or not. The bazooka in a long form or short form with extra missile pack. All in all the weapons are great. Plus 2 beam sabers which I forgot to mention about. The model has 4 beam saber hilts. 2 on it's backpack. 2 on it's wrists. That is 4 options. Definitely anybody who would come up against the Unicorn in a battle should regret calling it a beauty because behind it's looks this mobile suit is designed to kill and put up a fight. 


The extras are simple. Extra exterior armor plates for the legs and extra thruster armor. Also some small figures and 2 sheets of stickers/decals to customize the Unicorn. Also extra face pieces for either Unicorn or its Destroy mode. It has 3 v-fins to be exact. One destroy, one unicorn, plus one transformable one. Its a bundle model so I am assuming not as many extras can be found in other MG models. 

MS Cage:

The MS Cage is amazing. Although it only comes in one color I personally love it. The overall design matches the one shown in episode 1 and it has a nice appeal to it. Like it or not the Unicorn looks amazing stored in it. Don't even necessarily have to pose it an any way. However if you have a action base 1 or 2 you can merge it with the cage and have it in a lift off pose like the box art shows. A very good bundle if you ask me. There are just so many ways to use the MS Cage with other MG models which makes me excited even more. Say what you want or say what I want to say me and anybody else will agree this is a great bundle to get. Just for the MS Cage. 


I like to keep things short and simple. The HD Color + MS Cage bundle gives the owner extreme satisfaction trust me. It can go from using the cage with another Unicorn (Full Armor) to making a diorama of the first episode where it launched off and more. Is it perfect? No far from perfect. However is it on the list of top 10? Yes. It is just as good as the Full Armor Unicorn and it has given me great satisfaction. Like it or not anybody is eventually going to get a Unicorn because of how great it looks. Even if it has flaws. There are solutions to the flaws as well. Don't transform it like me. Keep it in one mode and just use that. If your a die hard fan of Destroy I recommend Ver Ka Destroy modes.... I can't say much except I really value and understand the offer of this bundle. It couldn't hurt if it was more affordable though. XD