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Dec 22, 2018

Official Fnished Product Pictures : MECHANICORE 1/72 MAS-20 "PYRANNOSAURUS"


★The kit is composed of over 1900 pcs of components and around 1600 pcs are plastic parts ;
★There are around 30 pcs of LED and over 50 openable maintenance hatches ;
★Purpose-made PCB for central control of all LED
★A jumble sized shield as tall as the head height
★An atomic bazooka up to 324mm long which is armed with an atomic missile inside ;
★Accompanied with a giant standing base and a main stand holder, and an auxiliary holder for the shield.
★Accompanied with some CNC made metal parts.

Want more product details, please visit MECHANICORE 1/72 SCALE MAS-20 "PYRANNOSAURUS"