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Dec 9, 2011

GK Christmas promotion items list

Since Christmas is coming, Gk has come out with its own promotion items for this celebration. So, check it out if you plan to get some gundam as gift.

 Gk promotion items for Christmas:

 -1/100 00 Raiser with Seven Sword
 -1/144 KZ-000 Quin Mantha Full Kit
 -RX-78 GP-04 Gerbera
 -1/60 ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam
 -1/100 NZ666 Kshatriya Full Kit
 -1/100 Gundam Astray Blue Frame 2nd Revise
 -1/100 Shin Musha Gundam "`Sengoku no Jin`"
 -1/100 Shin Musha Gundam
 -1/100 RX-78-4 Gundam

So, Don't miss it!!!

Dec 7, 2011

GK Contest (updates) and Completed FAZZ video

Alright guys, for those who participate and ask about this contest, I want to say thanks to you all. Although there are not much participants in this contest due various reason but we really appreciate for those who like our facebook fanpage and share this contest out (although you can't participate).

Although the contest was suppose to end on 30th November 2011 but due to we have only 4 selected bloggers, we decided to extend the due date until 13th December 2011 which is two days before the selected bloggers list announce. As for the last slot, the rules will change a bit. Whoever get the slot first, the slot will be yours base on only one rule which is your blog must be gunpla related. so, don't miss it!!!

More information about GK contest here:

Gk Contest plus Promotion for Bloggers

and before i end this post, take a look on my latest video of my completed FAZZ

(the video was record using car show video concept) enjoy..

and remember to check out the PG Strike Freedom 40% discount here!!!