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Dec 15, 2011

GK Blogger Contest (RESULTS!!!)

Alright guys, for those who participated, i know you can't wait for the result and here we are after the long wait. Before i announce the result, i have to say thanks again for all participants and those who support the contest even though they couldn't enter the contest due to some reasons. The contest was held around November, the duration for the contest was a bit short and not expose enough to all other bloggers and that's why the response was quite low but we still appreciate those who participated and interested to the contest. AND HERE IS THE RESULT for the selected winners:

- Nazree Anuar    from
Russell Hutchison      from 
Gundam Meisters      from
- Goh Chee Yong        from

So, congratulations guys. Further instruction will be given before January (not much but just some basic information for the selected winners)
I will conclude this contest year 2011 here. 

For any other inquiries or questions, you may drop a mail to the following email address in the following link:

Gk Contest plus Promotion for Bloggers