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Nov 11, 2013

Top 10 Selling in October / New Release in November 2013

This video displays the top 10 ranking in GKgundamkit for the previous month selling. We want to let you know what are the popular items in our web site. Did you get one that inside? Enjoy the show!

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Sep 11, 2013

1/100 MG Crossbone Gundam X-1 Ver Ka Review

1/100 MG Crossbone Gundam X-1 Ver Ka

It's that time again! Time for your fix of reviews from yours truly FlashX007.

You can find all the models I review and more at GKGundamKit!

Ver. Ka

So to start things off this is my 3rd experience with Katoki Hajime designed Master Grades. As you can see above he has designed a vast amount already. Plus there is the original Victory Gundam to consider and then the core booster along with exclusives like the Banshee and the X-2. Katoki is very famous among us modelers. For those of you who don't know him that is why I want to begin with him. 

In short Katoki is a mecha designer. He isn't just famous for his Gundam designs however. He has his hand in many things across all mecha series. His work is always excellent and the MG Ver. Ka's always stand out above the average models you might come to know commonly. He is very common for improving or modifying designs that he may or may not have made into more detailed pieces of artwork. Everybody who ever had a Ver. Ka MG can tell you he loves his decals, markings, and waterslides. The Nu and Stein are his latest works and those explain themselves. 

What can you expect different in a Ver Ka that you wouldn't see in a normal Bandai MG release? Simple really, difference or improvement in detail, markings, decals, overall finish, quality. Bandai merely takes Katoki's incredible artwork and tries their best to produce a model following the designs he so intricately draws out.

Others could probably go into more detail about Katoki and the work he does and the MG's true difference but all I can say is you never tasted something like the Ver. Ka's ever. So for those who don't have one I recommend you pick a MG Ver. Ka you find interesting. 


So to start things off I'd first like to apologize if the pictures show up blurry. My camera broke a while back and I'm using replacements and my phone now. 

This model kit is actually a 2006 release so it is 7 years old! How different could it be?

Yep you heard right. In order to achieve a proper finished display some touch ups are required. The first being the red scars on the side of the head. The next being the skulls. They both need to be painted in with red and black Gundam markers for it to look like the picture above. Fairly easy and you can remove the excess with q-tips. The next is more of personal pride than it is a requirement. The primary weapon comes in complete white so for it to look better you'd have to color it in. No real color recommendation for that as long as you like the finished result. (I painted mine gold)

The size is closely comparable to 1/144 scale High Grade models. That can be a bad thing considering it is a 1/100 scale Master Grade models. However there is no rule or requirement or law in Master Grade models. A 1/100 scale is the actual height of the mobile suit brought down to scale 100 times (correct me if I'm wrong). All I understand from this is at the idea or theme of the timeline the Crossbone was made to be shorter and probably more versatile. If compared to the right HG like HGUC Sazabi most likely it will be evenly matched in height or more. (The Sazabi is quite tall in height) 

The Crossbone is somewhat 50/50 on this. My overall experience with Master Grades might hurt this. It isn't as detailed as you would expect a Master Grade to be. Like what I mean by that is it isn't a Nu Ver Ka that is definitely for sure. When I went about panel lining it I noticed it had very few panels and it is close to borderline requiring scribed panels for more detail. I think the size of it limited the amount of detail that was able to be produced.

The overall Master Grade aspect of it can be summed up into short words. Detail is average or passable. The articulation is flexible and finnicky. The variations of display are acceptable.

As for the rest?

The Core Fighter... what you see is what you get. I'm noticing my experience is really bringing down the overall thoughts I have about the model in general but despite the imperfections it really is enjoyable. I'm proud to display mine to say the least. The Core Fighter is acceptable, there isn't anything special about it and personally I won't be seeing it again after I put it in the Crossbone. It looks better that way obviously and it helps the cloth hold up.

There isn't really anything wow about it if you know what I mean. Yet again that is the entire thing about the Crossbone. It is one hell of a badass model but it has no wow factor.

The wrap up would be the weapons and the options. This model comes with quite an amount of options. You have the standard rifle but that splits into two separate yet awesome looking weapons. (The gold works well) Then you have the beam knuckles, the skirts, and the usual beam sabers. Very well equipped. Plus a cloth!

It's a 7 year old model in the end. I can't go on and on trying to be positive about it. There are imperfections or flaws that can't be overlooked which is understandable. The things I would want to point out is painting. Some don't paint their models and just snap build them. If you're one of those people avoid this model or give in and get it along with some markers and perhaps brushes to handpaint or even better an airbrush. 

Badass? Yes. Recommendable? No, not really. 

The written review might sound on and off and if it isn't what you're looking for then check out my oral review and display of the model. I covered it better that way (honestly) 


Review 1/2
Review 2/2

Sep 8, 2013

Top 10 Selling in August / New Release in September 2013

This video displays the top 10 ranking in GKgundamkit for the previous month selling. We want to let you know what are the popular items in our web site. Did you get one that inside? Enjoy the show!

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Aug 21, 2013

Top 10 Selling in July / New Release in August 2013

This video displays the top 10 ranking in GKgundamkit for the previous month selling. We want to let you know what are the popular items in our web site. Did you get one that inside? Enjoy the show!

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Aug 7, 2013

1/144 RG MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam Review

Zeta Gundam

Hey guys! Apologies for the long absence in you've been following my blog reviews! (Thank you if you do by the way)

                      I never had any Real Grades before so this being my first one I am going to really lay                                                        everything straight out based on my first experience.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           What do you think of when Real Grade comes to mind?
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Are you thinking of a model capable of realistic detail, features, and gimmicks that could rival a Master Grade?
I'll stop you there. No 1/144 scale could ever truly win against a 1/100However no High Grade ever had a full inner frame before either.                                                                                  Yes, you heard right. If you're unfamiliar with Real Grades, the Real Grade line takes 1/144 scale models to a whole new level.                                                                                                         The Real Grade line is still starting out but there are as of now 13 to choose from and the Zeta is Real Grade #10. 

Now let's see what's so special about this Real Grade!

Since this is the first real experience I had with a Real Grade I am going to break it all down and compare it with the usual 1/144 High Grades I am normally used to.

The detail on the RG Zeta compared to a HG Zeta is remarkable. The entire model consists of varying small pieces all making up one intricate design. Thus bringing out detail like you've never seen before for a 1/144 scale. The model also comes with stickers used to bring out more detail and add more of a depth. In short it brings out the detail and it makes the model close to realistic as it can get. I don't want to confuse you though. Just because the line is called Real Grade it doesn't mean you're ending up with one realistic finished model. Real Grades feature full inner frames never before seen in 1/144 scale and amazing quality in detail and features. They're like mini Master Grades. 1/144 scale can look good to only a certain level though. It's still a small size to really go to town on. 

The markings and with panel lines applied you really see the quality come out from the model. Which is why I recommend you panel line if you don't. The Zeta is most common for its transformation feature however. Bandai doesn't disappoint on that end though because this RG is the first to introduce a fully transformable frame. Thus you can transform it from mobile suit form to wave rider in you're choosing. 

In Short

Although the RG Zeta is remarkable for the quality in design and features there is one incredible flaw with it. The frame is very delicate. A 1/144 inner frame can't withstand pressure for a long time and you will eventually stress the frame or particular parts causing a broken model as a result. Many had issues including me in transforming the RG Zeta and ended up stressing or breaking their models. Therefore I am sad to say I cannot really go over wave rider in this review. The RG Zeta I have has stressed shoulder frames so if I attempt a transformation it could result in a break. 

How is the posing?

Have you ever seen lightning's photos of his RG models? These models are highly articulate and more advanced than regular HGs. Not only do you get a great quality in detail but the models offer more satisfaction. 

The RG Zeta comes with standard beam sabers, rifle, and shield. However the rifle also has a beam effect for added measure of awesomeness. The RG Zeta is capable of also doing a full kneeling pose as you see above. The true way of seeing if a 1/144 scale is good or not sometimes is to see if it can take a knee. At least that's how I test articulation. The RG is capable of more however though so not just a knee pose is in its bag of tricks. As a reminder it is a transformable model so it is one flexible beauty. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully I will have more experience with Real Grades in the future. As for the experience I have gained from my first I must say I am left with a craving for more. The Real Grades offer something unique in models. I never really expected a 1/144 scale inner frame to be quite successful. Of course with size comes the caution of being fragile but it is as good as it gets. I doubt there could be any better attempt at such a quality and detail. If I really had to nitpick the RG Zeta to satisfy those of you who want to know everything wrong with it I admit the transformation gimmick is slightly a downfall. Note this is the first RG to offer such a feature so it isn't going to be perfect. It doesn't feel solid enough. The chest has a habit of getting loose and open up as if its beginning to transform (if you touch and play with it too much like me). This is entirely opinionated of course many actually successfully transform their RG Zeta's without any issues. 

The bottom line of it all is get a RG based on what you like. I wanted more of a challenge and something that I could be proud of as is. (I am not going to paint any Real Grades I get) There are 13 in total to choose from as of now including the two latest ones which are the GP01's. The best one out of them all are the RG MK II Gundams. (I admit I probably would have loved those more than I did this one)

Recommended for Intermediate Levels. 

While you're at it check out my video review for more!