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Nov 11, 2011

GK Contest plus Promotion for Bloggers!!!

GKGundamkit promotion is back again!!! This time we are targeting participants who have blog and also Facebook profile. You can win gundam kit and at the same time, you also get a banner advertisement contract with us which allow you to have greater discount while purchasing gundam kit in There will be 5 bloggers selected to win the prizes. If you are bloggers with Blogspot, Wordpress and other blog platform, feel free to join this contest.

Prizes for the selected 5 winners:
1 x MG Gundam kit of your choice (from website with available stock)
One year contract for getting 30% discount of any item purchase website with available stock (start after February 2012). The discount stated in the site will no longer applicable.

Prizes for all participants:
For those who joined but not selected can also enjoy one time 10% discount off from GK after discounted price in one bill for any items (start after February 2012).

All you need to do for this contest is simple; follow the requirements and the steps:
- Participants must have their own Blog and Facebook profile that related to gundam
- Provide an email which is also the user identity of your blog.
- Must know how to use HTML code (it should be part of the function from your blog’s dashboard)

1.      Copy and paste the HTML code provided below as the banner advertisement and put into your blog (name the section as “Gundam Shop”) . You should put that at the upper part of your blog which will show whenever we check your blog without scrolling down.
a.       For Blogspot
<a href=" ">
<img src=" " /></a>

<a href="">
<img src=" " /></a>
b.      Other platform
Use back the HTML above if your platform using the similar code. If not, then you have to build your own code with the banner and link.
2.      Email us at that you have posted the HTML code we provided (banner advertisement) and the email address must be same as your blog’s user identity.
3.      “Share” and “Like” this contest from the provided link in your Facebook profile and email us the link to your Facebook profile (so we can check whether you have share the link)
The result will be announced on mid of December 2011. We will post the item chosen from the selected participants at the end of February 2012. So, what are you waiting for? Follow the steps and prepare to enjoy more discounts from

Terms and Conditions
We will select 5 winners according to the following criteria:
1.      Post Frequency
2.      Number of friends
3.      Appropriateness of the content
The submission should not later than -  30/11/2011 11P.M (GMT +8)
1.      A list of the first 5 participants or bloggers will be released in our Facebook fanpage and blogs     10/12/2011.
                    iii.              GKgundamkit Facebook fanpage

2.      We have the rights to decide for disqualifying those who cant meet the requirement from the process. (which means even though you’re the selected 5 participants, you still can be disqualify if you didn’t meet any requirement stated here or we found out that you break some of the rules)
3.      If participants doing any changes or renovating their blog which might remove the banner ads temporary, participants have to notify us before they remove the banner ads temporary.
4.      If we notice that the participants had removed the banner advertisement without any reasons and notifications, we will disqualify them.
5.      If the participants stop posting anything in their blog more than 3 months, we will disqualify them.
6.      We need to build a profile of all participants which include their information:
                        i.              Name
                      ii.              Email address
                    iii.              Mailing address
                    iv.              Blog or website
7.      The shipment of the giveaway will commence at the end of February. (There would be a tracking number for them to check against the shipping status)
8.      Selected participants can enjoy 30% discount for all kinds of gundam kit in GK but they only need to make a written and photo reviews on every kit purchased from us. One gundam kit with one written and photo review and post into their bloggers with “Sponsored by GKgundamkit” mentioned. These are what need to do to allow 30% off for all item from GKgundamkit continue after purchase. Further details on this will send to the selected participants.

This offer would continue until our banner advertisement contract is over. This contract would last for 1 year’s time. After then, we would review in the upcoming year contract.

We would have a Q&A emails for all enquiries concerning the contest, you can email to Our event handler would answer you within 24 hours time.