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Dec 29, 2018

Official detailed Product Pictures : MECHANICORE 1/72 MAS-20 "PYRANNOSAURUS" - PART I


★The kit is composed of over 1900 pcs of components and around 1600 pcs are plastic parts ;
★There are around 30 pcs of LED and over 50 openable maintenance hatches ;
★Purpose-made PCB for central control of all LED
★A jumble sized shield as tall as the head height
★An atomic bazooka up to 324mm long which is armed with an atomic missile inside ;
★Accompanied with a giant standing base and a main stand holder, and an auxiliary holder for the shield.
★Accompanied with some CNC made metal parts.

Want more product details, please visit MECHANICORE 1/72 SCALE MAS-20 "PYRANNOSAURUS"

Dec 28, 2018


Another GREAT items from 3rd party Supplier. It's a DEVIL Destiny Gundam. It's a METAL BUILD type model, joints and articulations are made of metal. Eyes can light up. With SPECIAL LED stand, the back wings can light up with FULL power mode. We now post some unbox photos here and next few posts will be the details of this figure.

Want to know more details, please visit DEVIL DESTINY GUNDAM