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Jan 27, 2018


We have received the first batch of production from supplier today and have made some photos shots for the new product. Before going on, let's give you the dimension and the weight of the Hurricane.

Box Dimension : 41.5 x 31 x 12 cm
Weight : 2.15 kg

The box is packed with brown box outside as usual. The boxart of the product

As you seem from the boxart, it is different from Buster Gundam. But no worry you would find it later after opening the box.

When open the box, there is one instruction menu inside and show what is the content of the box. 

Menu shows details on how to assembly the product. As this moment, you also check the robot inside is not Buster Gundam. Supplier takes care about the protection of the Robot.

The front of bubble packbox is 3 mega Cannon and the robot. The back side is only the black stand. This makes us so anxious why there is a robot but not a Gundam. Luckily when you take the robots out. We know what happen.

We take it out and remove the armor parts from it.

Buster Gundam is found after removing all armor parts from it. We think supplier wants to make a better protection with the Gundam. With all these, we have a quick review on this new product. More will be coming soon.

If you want more product details, please visit POISONTOYS 1/72 MECHA-X103 HURRICANE

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