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Jul 26, 2017


Please see here 6 pictures for the 1/100 ZMS-2 "ZIEGLER" Plastic Kit for your reference. The T2 quality control works of the project has been generally completed. Most snap fit defects have been generally tackled. More and more T2 pictures are to be released in this few days. Just stay tuned closely with us. As the T2 is a part of the construction stage, the tested plastic parts are not able to use the true product color plastics to do. However, those quality-passed moldings have been arranged for T3 preparation in the real color scheme at the time when you see these pictures. We well-believe that the T3 plastic runners will be ready within next week. The coming T3 parts will be appropriated for building of an official finished kit against the Premium Version standard, also finished with the camouflage decals. Want more details, please visit 1/100 ZMS-2 "ZIEGLER" PLASTIC KIT.

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